About Sharon

My first exposure to computers started in my home with Radio Shack’s Trash-80.

In my world of work, prior to computers I worked on keypunch machines and verifiers for 3 years. I made more $$ if I increased my speed and accuracy. Of course, I loved the extra bucks for my work. I could fly across the keys.

In 1974 I moved to Tennessee and worked for a temp agency working on reel-to-reel systems. Within a couple months I went to work for the US Navy as a federal civil servant.

Four years later, I was hired to work in a word processing center. The equipment I learned and used: one-line display computerized typewriter, 6- line display computerized typewriter, and as a supervisor (10 years) I purchased 6 systems with 1 hard time (size of a MacDonald’s Garbage Can.)

With this system, the sky was the limit for my word processing center. I taught new operators how to use the system. We processed all the training manuals for the Navy. I got a hint of shades to come, in my future. I would look at new equipment, spent $100,000 for the machines, but by the time they were delivered, they were obsolete. Very little customer service or technical help. What I learned, I taught myself.

Next step for me toward computers was in 1993 when I left the US Navy and went to work at Federal Express. I was hired to work on the Hot Line and had a 4-screen computer. After 6-weeks training, placed in the work site, utilizing everything I could to shorten my time on the phones with angry customers, giving them credit, it needed.

Simultaneously in 1983, I enrolled in college and was introduced to Apple computers. I have not purchased any other line of computers since. Apple is more user friendly and WYSIWYG. They have wonderful customer service and technical help. I was able to learn the operating system so much easier as Apple built their platform and added as you upgraded, unlike PCs.

Being a single parent, I found using my computer to link to the college library. I also took many online classes which I loved.

I finished college with 2 masters degrees and pursued my career I am in today. I found my peers were intimidated with computers. At one employer, I took their grant paperwork and recouped monies for them. At another employer, the doctor was an ex-programmer. He was living off credit cards and trying to write his billing software. He told me if I wanted to find out how to connect with insurance companies, he would pay me 25% of his monies he collected. I agreed and that is why I am a one-man office today.

As of 2000, My entire private practice is online and run by myself. To make client appointments online, bill my insurance, I use an Ipad, iPhone, and MacBookPro. I pay for my advertising thru Psychology Today.

Three years ago I decided to expand my business on the internet. I found myself in circumstances I didn’t expect. Scams to say the least. I would trust they were telling me how to do such, only to be taken advantage. I don’t give up easy. So I keep on creating my life journey. I have wanted to give up, but something keeps saying keep on, you are almost there.